[cw-discuss] gnome-open problem
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2008-10-23 02:10:43 UTC
Hi, I'm running Pro-7.1.0rc1 on Ubuntu 8.04.? I have MS Office XP installed in a Win98 bottle.? When I double click on an MS Office file (.doc, .ppt, etc) under nautilus, the file opens right up.? I am running Lotus notes and when I click on an imbedded file in a note, nothing happens.? After doing some research, Lotus notes issues a Gnome-open under the covers.? When I issue the following command I receive the following error:

***@mswallow-laptop:~$ gnome-open /home/mswallow/Myfiles/Hints/hints_and_tips_051007.doc
Error showing url: There is no default action associated with this location.

So it seems that the action association from CrossOver is kicking in from Nautilus, but not from the gnome-open perspective.? Is there a way to get this to work?


Mark Swallow