[cw-discuss] Steam unable to reach storefront.steampowered.com
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Chris Hoover
2008-07-26 12:50:53 UTC
has anyone ran into this? Every time I launch steam, it tells me that it
can not reach the steam store. While this is not affecting game play, it is
preventing me from purchasing new games.

Any ideas on what to do to fix this? I am able to reach the website with a
normal browser, so it is not an internet connectivity issue.


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Andrew Jamison
2008-07-26 14:15:15 UTC
Ok I am posting this to this list just to see if this is a specific
thing to my particular setup or not before posting a ticket about it.

CrossOver (games or office does not matter which) + Fedora 9 +SELinux
enabled while trying to run World of Warcraft = Frequent Kernel crashes
causing a system reboot.

Steps to reproduce (for me anyway)

1) Install any Crossover product (games or Office happens in both for
me)on Fedora 9 (may happen with other Distributions but this is the only
one it has done it with me on Ubunutu in my limited testing has not
produced this)

2) Install World of Warcraft

3) Enable SELinux

4) Run World of Warcraft

Now this error never happens at the same point it sometimes happens when
trying to close out WoW it sometimes happens after login to the realm or
even some time after a successful charecter login.

Again I am not sure if this is specific to my setup or not so if it
seems like a global F9 + SELinux issue then I can post a ticket about

Ways to Circumvent this error

1) Try to Disable SELinux (do not run in Permissive mode this error
seems to be connected to the actual SELinux Module loading weather in
force or not) this is the option i use.

2) If the above does not work you can try to Run WoW on Native Wine
(have not tried this myself)

3) Use Ubuntu or Windoze to play the game