[cw-discuss] Problem with Office 2003 on Mandriva Spring 2008
(too old to reply)
Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes
2008-05-19 23:36:43 UTC

I am a happy customer with my Crossover 1.3 running on my old Mandrake
10.0. Unfortunately I need to upgrade my files to a new machine running
Mandriva 2008 spring. I have downloaded crossover Pro 6.2 rpm version and,
as root, I issued the command rpm -ivh cross-----.rpm.

First thing I noticed it is hard to find the icon for crosspro on the new
mandriva. After finding the configuration, I run crosspro to install MS
office 2003. It chose bottle 2000 ( I have no idea what bottles mean and
had no choice but to go with defaults) . The installation started ok and I
chose the whole office package. After a long time the setup started but
ended at registering user or something like that (I have the log file but I
don't know if I can post it to this mail list).

Any help is appreciated.